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A BRIDAL boutique owner thought she had seen it all until a particular gypsy bride walked into her store.

Kasia, who owns Kasia's Bridal Boutique, posted a video explaining what had happened when a supposed bride was trying on dresses and another woman showed up.

In the video, Kasia said that the bride, who she called Patty, showed up at her 12pm appointment a few minutes early and was excited to try on dresses.

Kasia also mentioned that the bride had a thick Romanian accent, was having a big gypsy wedding, and wanted a glitzy ballgown.

After trying on four wedding dresses, another woman knocked on the boutique's door.

Kasia explained that Patty had mentioned she would be bringing a guest and just assumed whoever was at the front door was Patty's guest arriving late.

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However, once Patty saw who was at the front door, she froze and immediately wanted to get out of the dress she was in.

As Kasia is walking towards the front door to let the woman in, Kasia said Patty "almost knocks [her] off the top stair" in a rush to get to the nearby bathroom.

When Kasia greeted the woman at the door, the woman said her name was Patty and she was late for 12pm appointment.

Obviously confused, Kasia said she thought Patty was in the fitting room, but the woman at the front door insisted her name was Patty and she was the actual bride.

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It turns out that Patty's sister, who Kasia referred to as Amanda, showed up to the appointment first and was the one trying on the wedding gowns.

In a subsequent video, Kasia explained that the two sisters looked very similar.

"When they're together, you can see slight variations but they look identical," Kasia said.

"But mind you, when I make these appointments, I don't know what these people look like."

The real Patty then started arguing with Kasia and was in disbelief that she let her sister try on wedding gowns.

Kasia claimed she argued: "I don't know how else I would've known she's not you.

"Plus with all due respect, your appointment was for 12 o'clock and you came at 12:30, I mean I started with the person who claimed to be Patty."

Kasia then told the bride that they could continue with the appointment and she could try on dresses, however, Patty had told her the appointment was "ruined."

Patty's sister Amanda finally came out of hiding from the bathroom and the two proceeded to argue with each other loudly in Romanian.

Kasia said the fight was so heated that she was afraid the sisters were going to start throwing chairs at each other.

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Finally, Kasia told the bride and her sister that they would have to stop fighting and continue the appointment or they would need to leave.

In the comments section, Kasia revealed that Patty and her sister left without buying a dress while still fighting.

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