I ordered a return pallet and couldn’t wait to see my goodies – safe to say it really wasn’t what I was expecting | The Sun

THE GLORIOUS thing about a return pallet is that you never quite know what you're going to end up with.

There are some who get thousands of pounds worth of goodies in their return pallets – such as laptops and electric scooters , so many people see it as a gamble worth taking.

And that's exactly what one couple did, but they were left stunned by what they got in their box.

The couple shared their return pallet on their TikTok account, Turquoise Raptor – which quickly went viral with over 100k views in under 24 hours.

But it's safe to say that they were not prepared for the box's content.

In the clip, she wrote: "When your boyfriend orders something from a returns pallet website…


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"And it's just a pallet full of jam."

Yep, the giant box was jam-packed with advent calendars full of 23 different sweet condiments.

Each box also included a collectible spoon and Christmas tree ornament.

While it may have seemed disappointing at first, users were quick to point out that the advent calendars are in high demand as they often sell out.

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One user informed them: "Those calendars are like £20 each, take them to a market nearer xmas."

"They're the advent calendars that sell out every year, sell them!!! there are people who will defo buy," another confirmed.

So the couple put their thinking caps on and decided to flog them on eBay for £7 a pop.

She wrote in the comments: "They're up on eBay now for £7 if anyone wants to help clear my garage."

And plenty of others were impressed by the haul claiming Bonne Maman jams were 'the best' you could eat.

One wrote: "Not just JAM these are the absolute best JAMS in the world oh my goodness.."

Another commented: "OMG I’d love one of these. They sold out at Christmas."

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A third penned: "I will literally buy all of them they're way too nice."

While the couple didn't reveal how much they spent on the initial return pallet, it seems they'll be able to get their money back in time for Christmas.

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