I hop from job-to-job to make life better, working in the gym got me my dream body and another job helped refurb my home | The Sun

A WOMAN has revealed the clever way she caters her jobs to improve her life – from getting her dream body to refurbishing her home. 

There are many aspects of our lives we need to keep on top of while paying the bills: social life, home decor, exercise and more. 

And while some people plot out their career trajectory and work towards a singular goal, one person has found a better way to go about things… 

Sharing a clip on her social media, Justice Z explained: “One thing about me is I apply to the job based off the benefits solely. That is it.” 

She then shared a brief history of her CV, the brunette said in the winter of the previous year she worked at a luxury gym in Chicago, US. 

“…because I needed to get my summer body together,” she said. 


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@ztheeunicorn went on: “Then I started working at one of the top steakhouses in downtown Chicago because I was going out to eat at steakhouse every week. 

“So I need that 50 percent discount – and best believe, I used it. 

“I was bringing home steak every shift.” 

At the moment, the TikToker is working for a company that installs “built-in closets, home offices, pantries and laundry rooms”. 

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Answering the question of why she’s gone in this direction, she said that her mum is currently getting her house remodelled. 

“And she needs three walk-in closets, a home office and her laundry room redone so 50 percent discount here we come!”

She’s now looking towards the next job she’s planning on getting as a ramp agent for American Airlines. 

Justice Z said: “[It’s] for two days a week so I can get them flight benefits duh!”

“Y’all applying to jobs all wrong,” she added in the caption. 

Viewers were left in hysterics over her clip, marvelling at her genius as one person wrote: “lol when you said benefits i was thinking 401k, healthcare [laughing emoji] not discount”. 

Justice Z replied: “I’m not even going to be a company long enough for that 401k to mean something”. 

Another person gave the idea of applying for a job working at the stadium for a Beyoncé concert, to which she responded: “thank you for the idea!!! lol” . 

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“Hold on! You’re onto something,” another shared.

While a fourth added: “This is how you work the system!” 

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