I have a ‘very spoiled’ dog that I prioritize over my boyfriend – am I wrong?

A WOMAN has taken to the internet to decide whether or not she spoils her beloved chihuahua too much.

She questioned her relationship with her dog after her boyfriend became enraged that she bought the dog a winter jacket and did not think of getting one for him.

The woman, who shared her concerns in an anonymous post to Reddit, explained that she and her boyfriend are both enrolled in college, work, and have their own apartments, but her boyfriend often stays over because her residence is located closer to campus.

The woman lives with her chihuahua, Cas, who she claims is her “baby.”

The dog has some health issues, so he eats “special digestive food” because he “has really bad diarrhea” without it.

She said while the food is about $60 per bag, the cost doesn’t worry her because she has a job that pays her well.

She has never brought up her pay to her boyfriend, but she claimed she is always happy to pay for dates and said money has never been an issue – until one night.

The poster said she decided to spoil herself with a $175 coat she had been wanting, and also grabbed a few things from the pet store for Cas, including a $25 jacket for him.

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“[My boyfriend] sees my stuff and out of nowhere loses his s**t,” the woman wrote.

“He starts yelling at me saying: ‘You spend way too much money on that dog. 

‘He’s got shirts, way too many toys, expensive a** dog food, and I get jack s**t. 

‘And now you got him a coat? Give me a f**king break.’”

When the woman reiterated why Cas requires special food and that she plans to use the jacket for when they go on walks in the winter, her furious boyfriend responded: “You couldn’t deal with some dog s**t for a few months to buy me something with that money?”

The woman defended herself and informed her boyfriend that he has a job and can purchase himself his own coat if he really needs one, and added that he got an expensive watch from her for Christmas.

Completely taken back by the fight, the poster left her apartment in a hurry with her dog to stay at her sister’s house to sort through her emotions.

When her boyfriend called her the next day, he wouldn’t budge on his position and continued fighting with her even though he claimed to want to fix things.

And even though the poster doesn’t think she’s in the wrong, she admitted she felt a bit guilty and does indeed give her dog a lavish life. 

“Cas is very spoiled and has lots of stuff that a lot of people would roll their eyes at. 

“And also I feel slightly guilty that when I was shopping I didn’t even think of getting Bryce anything,” she said, before asking if she was in the wrong.

It seems that the only one angry about the dog’s coat is the woman’s boyfriend, as fellow Redditers largely agreed that the poster did nothing inappropriate. 

“Seems to me that he [is] jealous of what money you have and so he is mooching off you,” one user wrote.

“In all seriousness, it’s really weird and concerning how much entitlement he has to her money though,” a second person commented.

“It’s never acceptable but least of all only eight months in and he’s starting: ‘Don’t buy that when you can spend the money on me.’

“Imagine what he’d be demanding in a year or two if she’d stayed.”

“You packing a bag and leaving him at your apartment shows that you cater to him way too much, and if you stay together that needs to stop,” a third user stated.

“It sounds like he’s using you. 

“Your dog is 100 percent dependent on you for care. 

“Your boyfriend is an adult that can take care of himself.”

It turns out that the woman used the strangers’ comments as a source of empowerment, and in an update to the post, she said she was dumping her boyfriend and changing her locks.

“After [my boyfriend] blowing up like that when he’s never spoken to me about this, the way he insulted my dog when he knows Cas is my everything, combined with the fact that in the eight months we’ve been together he has had minor anger/temper issues (they were just never directed at me), I’ve decided I’m going to end things,” she wrote.

“Thank you guys so much for you opinions.”

Unfortunately, the poster is likely not the first person to experience relationship woes over a pet as pets become bigger parts of many people’s lives.

A 2018 Just Right by Purina survey found that 95 percent of pet owners view their animal as not just a pet, but part of the family, and half of the women surveyed said they would rather spend time with their pet than their partner.

Furthermore, a report from The Washington Post noted people are delaying having children and marriage, but are adopting pets more than previous generations.

Therefore, it seems that being on the same page about the importance of pets is a growing necessity in a healthy relationship.

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