I hate spending money – I freeze credit cards in blocks of ice, wash disposable plates and reuse paper towels

A MONEY-saving man has revealed that he freezes his credit cards to prevent his wife from using them – and even reuses paper towels and disposable plates.

Roy Haynes lives with his wife Lisa in Huntington, Vermont, and the pair cut back on expenses in order to focus efforts on saving animals rather than going to a regular job.

Speaking on TLC’s Extreme Cheapskates, Roy says: “I perceive myself as being very Roy-sourceful, that’s worked out well for us.”

There is nothing Roy hasn’t tried when it comes to cutting back on spending.

He pulls the stems off cherries and grapes before he weighs them at the supermarket, and uses old banana peels to shine his shoes.

Roy will use a paper towel, wash it, dry it and use it again and he does the same with paper plates, believing that alone saves him $100 a year.

In facet Roy will recycle almost everything from coffee bags to dental floss getting a second use.

And even if Lisa fancies splashing the cash, Roy is sure to make it very difficult to do.

“My husband tries to prevent me from spending money, which is very annoying,” she says.

Showing off his “frozen assets”, he explains: “We have a credit card but try not to abuse it, I freeze the credit card so that it’s not easily accessible.

“In order for my wife to use it she has to put some labour into it.”

However, Roy is generous enough to take Lisa out for date night once a month, though usually just to the gas station.

But this time Roy is generous enough to take Lisa to the movies, but he is not prepared to pay for snacks.

Instead, knowing that the theatre does free refills on popcorns and drinks, Roy fishes an old popcorn bag and drinks cup out of the bin.

After giving the cup a quick rinse, he collects his free refills and delivers them to Lisa, who is none the wiser.

He says: “I love my wife Lisa, and I try to please and do the best I can without spending any money.”

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