I hate my 14-year-old daughter, she’s rude & lazy – my husband wants to send her to boarding school to avoid seeing her

LIVING with teenagers is never easy, but one mum has had more than enough of her 14-year-old daughter who she says is "horrible" and "rude."

Not knowing what else to do, the mum was desperate for advice from Kidspot's advice columnist Laura Mazza after admitting she's starting her hate her child.

Her husband even suggested sending her to boarding school just so they don't have to see her.

"Our 14 year old daughter has turned into that horrible teenager we all read about and dread," she said

"We put up with her back chat, rudeness and laziness to name a few. She is extremely horrible to us as her parents but even her younger brother."

Their son was recently victim to his big sister's horrible ways when she told him that she "wishes he was dead" and that she wished she was "an only child."

"Daily we put up with her horrible side. We have tried everything to stop it," the mum continued."Now I’ve started to turn my love for her to hate."

Daily we put up with her horrible side. We have tried everything to stop it. Now I’ve started to turn my love for her to hate.

Admitting she and her husband "can't deal with it anymore," the desperate mum said they're considering boarding school as she has "started to cause a major split in the family."

The mum stressed that her daughter is "kind hearted and loved by everyone else", and they often have people tell them how "polite and fun" she is.

But the 14-year-old girl they see at home is far from what others see, which had the mum asking "what are we doing wrong."


Laura was quick to reassure the mum that she was "doing nothing wrong" and encouraged the frustrated parents to look at ti from her daughter's point of view.

She also advised against boarding school as an option which would only lead to some "serious trust and acceptance issues."

And instead try talking to her everyday in a bid to understand her.

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