I got drunk in Kavos & got a tattoo on my knee… I don’t remember it & it’s so bad it made the island’s Major Fails page | The Sun

GETTING a tattoo is a big decision and there is always the chance you may live to regret it.

One woman who knows this all too well is TikTok user Tyla May Bryant, who revealed the inking she got on her knee when drunk in Kavos.

On her @tylamaybryant account, she said she didn’t remember getting the phrase “shall us” done the night before – and it was so bad it made the island’s Major Fails page.

Showing off the tattoo fail, she explained: “So we all have these tattoo mistakes don’t we?

“About six, seven years ago I went to Kavos, I don’t remember stepping off the plane, don’t remember checking it at the hotel.

“I managed to last to four or five in the morning, woke up the next day and thought ‘oh did I fall over last night, did I hurt myself?’

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“My two friends just looked at each other and were like ‘Tyla remove the bandage, plaster thing.’”

Tyla then revealed her “shall us” tattoo and gave the story behind the unusual phrase.

She explained: “Basically back in the day we used to be like ‘shall us go to the pub, shall us?’

“I’m guessing what my friend said was ‘shall we get a tattoo, shall us?’”

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“My friend woke up by the way with a nice sunflower on her ankle, nice one.

“It actually made Kavos’ biggest fail on Instagram, their tattoo page.”

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She added that her dad is a tattoo artist and didn’t speak to her for the entire week she was in Kavos.

Many people found the tattoo hilarious, with one saying: “hahahahahs I'm crying.”

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