I did a DNA test out of curiosity but found i'm actually related to my HUSBAND who I share kids with, I’m devastated

COMPLETING their DNA test following the birth of their first child, a married couple were not ready for the shocking results. 

The pair discovered that they were actually related to each other. 

The woman, who is anonymous, then took to social media to express her concern.

She explained that she had been married to her husband for about a year and the couple share a child together. 

She decided to look into their family tree, after finding out her partner was part Native American.

However, after doing some research she quickly found that she was related to her partner. 


After only going back a short way, she discovered her maiden name on the family tree and then compared it to his. 

That's when she realised her great grandmother was his great aunt. 

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Taking to Reddit, she said: "I did some genealogy research on my husband's maternal side of the family.

"I find his great-great-grandfather who is officially Seminole Indian.

"We are excited at this point because we find that his grandmother was also born in Oklahoma on Seminole territory.

"Well, I decide to go back a lil further and I become alarmed when I find my mother's maiden surname down the line.

"I look into it further and find that they were born on Chickasaw territory in Oklahoma.

“At this point, my adrenaline kicks in and I immediately jump back to my mother's family tree.

We're married and we have a daughter together. It really is a small world

"And there I found her. The woman that connects us. My second great-grandmother, and my husband third great grand aunt.

"The first thing I thought of was my mother-in-law saying 'I feel like she's a part of me' when we first met. Funny how that works.

"No going back now. We're married and we have a daughter together. It really is a small world."

In response to her sharing the news, many rushed to the comments section to talk about the situation. 

One said: "It's fine, don't flip out over it.

"People tend to generally stay in one geographic area, lots of people all around you are distantly related somehow. Can't avoid it."

Another added: "I can see why it might disturb you at first. But your kid will have quite an interesting ancestry of being two tribes."

While a third wrote: "My husband and I did this too but found out I'm distantly related to his best friend."

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