I convinced my friend to call her baby a swear word in Spanish – now she's fuming and says I totally embarrassed her | The Sun

A WOMAN has told how she left her friend fuming after she convinced her to call her baby a swear word in Spanish.

The anonymous woman, who is 29 weeks pregnant, took to Reddit and explained how a good friend of hers, who she refers to as 'Roxy,' married her husband’s cousin – meaning their kids would share the same last name.

However, she says that Roxy, who has just given birth to a daughter, had been repeatedly asking her to reveal the baby name she's thought of.

Worried she was going to try and steal it, the frustrated woman continues: "I told her she’ll find out when my baby comes.

"Once I found out I’m having a boy (no, I won’t say his name), she got more incessant about what girl name I’d picked, saying 'it’s not like it matters now' as if I won’t have another kid.

"I got annoyed and asked my husband if I’d be wrong to just give a fake name to shut her up."


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She goes on to say that her husband suggested 'Mierda,' which translates to 's***' in Spanish.

The annoyed mum-to-be continues: "I said that to Roxy when she asked me for the ninth time.

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"No exaggeration, that’s how many times I remember her asking. It may have been more."

However, things took a downhill spiral when she found out Roxy knew someone who speaks Spanish who told her exactly what the name means.

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The mum-to-be says: "My husband’s cousin called – yes, CALLED – me to cuss me out, saying I am a 'heartless b****' for 'embarrassing him and Roxy' and ruining what should’ve been the greatest moment of joy in their lives.

"I didn’t think of that angle and realised I wouldn’t like it if someone did that to me."

She adds: "I wasn't trying to be petty, I just wanted Roxy to stop annoying me.

"I thought she'd look it up and laugh at the joke and not actually name her kid that!

"We're not talking right now."

The woman went on to ask whether social forum users think she's the one in the wrong – but many jumped to her defence and insisted it was clear from the outset that Roxy intended to steal her baby name.

"She PLANNED to steal your name," wrote one.

"That's why she was asking so incessantly. This is disgusting behaviour and they got what they deserved. Who cares if they were embarrassed. They called themselves out."

A second commented: "Stupid game stupid prize.

"She was trying to deceive you about the name and was always going to steal it.

"What friend does something like that? It was on her to do the research on the name."

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A third agreed: "I kind of saw the name stealing coming. Why else would she be so insistent? Some women can be so weird and competitive."

Meanwhile, a fourth argued: "They were worse than lazy…
If I have to ever steal something, I'll at least look it up on what I'm trying to steal…"

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