Hilarious moment two-year-old girl drops the F bomb after her dad loses a game of Fortnite, leaving him in hysterics

A DAD was left in hysterics after his two-year-old toddler turned the air blue after he lost his game of Fortnite.

Mya Diment-Card was playing along with her dad Liam Card, 32, and being filmed by mum Melissa Diment, 31 when she was heard dropping the F-bomb.

Liam had given Mya a set of controls so she would think she was joining in.

But she got so involved, when her dad was beaten she instantly reacted with frustration, repeatedly dropping the F-word.

Liam, from Salisbury, Wiltshire, said: "We were just playing Fortnite and I had her with one controller so she felt like she was playing even though she wasn't.

"She was sitting there one minute loving it, but when we died that's when she started swearing.

"It was so out of the blue and my poor missus, who was recording it thinking it was cute her playing with her daddy, was shocked!

"I think she probably learned that off me for sure, I'm in trouble with the missus."

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The video was shared by Mya’s mum Melissa on TikTok where it has since amassed more than 334,000 views and thousands of comments from equally tickled viewers.

One wrote: “Dad knows it’s his fault.”

“Dad’s face is priceless!” added another, while a third wrote, “Dad is thinking ‘that’s my girl.’”

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