Everything Lizzo Made Us Buy: UGGs, Leggings, Skincare and More

Not only is Lizzo is an award-winning artist, but she’s also someone we go to for endless shopping inspiration. The 33-year-old musician loves to share what she’s obsessing over on social media, and many of the products she’s mentioned are ones we immediately want to add to cart. 

From those viral Amazon leggings to her skincare staples, Lizzo is not shy when it comes to showing her fave products. So if you’re curious to see what the star has been wearing and applying, ET Style has gathered the items Lizzo has convinced us to buy. 

Ahead, shop the clothing, jewelry and skincare Lizzo is loving. 

These fluffy sandals from UGG have been sweeping social media — garnering the interest of consumers, influencers and celebrities alike. In fact, Lizzo herself was recently spotted rocking the Women’s Fluff Sugar Sandal in an Instagram post.


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This affordable legging on Amazon went viral on TikTok for its booty-lifting effect, and it caught Lizzo’s attention too. The star shared a video of herself wearing the pair on social media! 


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