Cleaning fanatic says vinegar is the secret to fixing EVERYTHING – from removing clothing stains to limescale on toilets

WE all have a secret stash of cleaning products which we use on a daily basis around the home, but one cleaning fan reckons white vinegar is all you need.

Known as Laura Cleanaholic on TikTok, the woman revealed the many cleaning jobs you can tackle around the home with the single product – and it works on your clothes, mattress and even your loo.

When it comes to your laundry, Laura reckons vinegar is the answer to the troublesome deodorant marks often left on your clothes after washing.

She suggests spraying some on the area before chucking in the wash and it should come up spotless.

What's more, you can freshen up your coloured clothes even more by pouring a cupful of the stuff in your load while washing.

This will help eliminate odours and leave garments super crisp.

To help keep it clean, you can also pour some in your steam iron and let it soak for five to ten minutes before ironing your clothes.

White vinegar is also great to keep your mattress fresh and clean, and Laura recommends spraying a mix of vinegar and water over the surface each time you strip the sheets.

But it's not just fabrics the cleaning products works well on, but the cleaning fan shows how it's great in your bathroom too.

Specifically, to remove limescale from the edge of your loo (you know, the stubborn, hard-to-clean spots).

She says to soak a tissue with vinegar and leave it overnight and you should return to see it completely gone.

Taking to the comments, many fans admitted to loving white vinegar for their own household chores, saying it's super versatile and ideal for any cleaning task.

And we agree. We might have to stock up.

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