Christmas-mad mum has already done her present shopping for the next THREE YEARS (and they’re all neatly wrapped too)

WHEN it comes to that time of year, there are two types of mums – those who finish their Christmas shopping weeks before the big day, and those who are frantically rushing around on Christmas Eve desperate to snap up what's left.

But this Christmas-mad woman is in a category of her own having already finished her shopping for the next three years – and everything's already neatly wrapped too.

Unsurprisingly, the super organised woman from Australia shocked many after revealing her present stash online, showing years worth of gifts all ready to go.

Alongside a snap of her perfectly arranged gift bags, she wrote on Facebook: "2021, 2022, 2023 Christmas gifts, all in individual gift bags with persons name and the year written on the gift tag."

The pictures show loads of gifts bags packed to the brim with various goodies.

They are all neatly stored away in what appears to be cupboards, ready for the years ahead.

The forward-planning mum left others pretty impressed, with one saying: "Well done. At least you know there is always an option to swap around gifts or add something."

Adding: "Basically a present box but already bagged. Good for you."

Another admitted that her own mum "would love this" saying that she too "snaps up great deals" ahead of time.

Some weren't convinced though with many said they would have caved and given their kids the presents early.

While others admitted what Christmas shopping looks like for them, which is usually last minute.

"And here’s me being impressed with myself if I buy all my presents by December 23rd and don’t have to brave the shops on Christmas Eve," one mum laughed.

And another queried: "I'm curious about who these are for and what's in them. What my four-year-old liked last December is already so far removed from what she plays with now I can't imagine how I could make this work.

"I tend to buy for the person and what they need each year but if there's a way to be more efficient and still make generic presents appreciated each year I'm all ear."

Another agreed saying that her kids "change their minds the week before Christmas" so "buying three years ahead would be a terrible waste."

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Other took a little more hostile approach, with one slamming: "This isn't a smart idea at all, it is stupid. People change a lot in three years."

"Too bad if they bought themselves whatever you have wrapped instead of waiting for it for three years," another added.

The woman later explained that she doesn't have children, Mail Online reports, although she didn't appear to clarify who the gifts were for.

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