Beauty fan shares hack which stops fake tan staining her sheets & people can't believe they've never thought of it

AS much as we'd love to have a golden glow all year round, we can rarely be bothered to faff round with fake tan – especially considering how badly it stains our sheets.

That said, one savvy beauty fan has found a genius way around this common problem – and we can hardly believe we never thought of it before.

Sharing her life hack on Facebook, the Australian woman explained how she always covers her bedding with a sleeping bag liner after applying fake tan.

And not only are they usually dark enough for stains not to show up, the polyester lining is much easier to clean than soft sheets.

She wrote: "This sleeping bag liner has saved my white sheets. It also has a pocket for a pillow and has also saved my white pillows.

"I can even put my white quilt over the top of me without worrying about tan getting all over it. I highly recommend this."

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Although the exact sleeping bag liner is unavailable to buy in the UK, Blacks sells a very similar one for only a tenner.

Needless to say, other beauty fans are now desperate to give this a go for themselves.

One replied: "This is a perfect solution!"

I can even put my white quilt over the top of me without worrying about tan getting all over it!

Another added: "I remember buying a specialty tanning bag liner for bed. It was like [£30] and made of this awful poly satin fabric. I sweated like crazy, made my tan patchy."

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