‘Arrogant’ woman blasted for bragging about working out daily & running business while others binge Netflix & fast food

AN "arrogant" woman has been blasted for bragging about working out daily and running her own business while other girls her age watch Netflix and binge fast food.

Last weekend, Mackenzie Smith – who claims to be able to teach people how to live happy lives through her fitness regimes -shared the damning assessment of 'most' of her 23-year-old peers on Twitter.

The personal trainer, from Phoenix, Arizona, told her 18,000 followers that she's "not the same" as her peers because she works for herself, goes to the gym everyday and is "developing a growth mindset".

In contrat, Mackenzie claimed that girls her age are more preoccupied with "partying every weekend, eating fast food and binge-watching Netflix".

The tweet racked up over 7,500 "likes" and retweets from outraged users who argued that MacKenzie was tearing other women down to "feel better about herself".

"I've taken heat for my tweets before so this is nothing new to me," MacKenzie said. "I specifically word tweets like this one to be polarising. It grabs people's attention and helps connect me with others who think the same way."

She continued: "Ultimately, I'm secure in what I'm doing because I know my intent.

"The only reason I'm posting content is to provide value, inspire, and help others. That's the end goal.

"People will always interpret content to fit their own perspective on the world.

"If they choose to be offended and lash out, so be it. That just means my content wasn't intended for them."

Needless to say, the tweet sparked fierce debate on Twitter.

One replied: "Knocking others down to build yourself up? Perhaps work a little on that growth mindset."

"Imagine being 23, the age when you're probably most free in terms of lack of responsibility combined with disposable income, and not enjoying yourself," another added. "It's not some great achievement to be grinding 24/7 at a time when it's totally acceptable to relax and enjoy yourself."

Meanwhile, a third gushed: "Strong work!!! Too many people I've met (Including me) have said, 'If I could go back in time, I'd change 'this'.

"You're already doing 'this'. Always appreciate your posts/tweets!"

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